About Us

Hi, I’m Ryan Gwilliam and this is my dog Batman. We started as Utah Paw customers over a decade ago because I had a Pug named Pig who was very picky about eating her kibble. She would vomit a couple times a week as well which led me down a rabbit hole of studying dog nutrition.

After researching many different food brands here in Utah I finally found Utah Paw. As soon as I switched over my Pug ate all of her food each day and completely stopped vomiting. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since!

In 2016 I had the opportunity to buy Utah Paw and Batman and I became the proud owners of this great line of dog food. It has been a great addition to my dog training company called Train Walk Poop.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with feeding my dogs a raw diet, I’ve tried the most expensive kibble on the market, and I’ve tried the cheapest food on the market as well. In the end, I found that Utah Paw is the perfect match for my dogs, it’s a premium food which costs more for good reason. I love knowing that my dogs are eating high quality ingredients that increase their quality of life; I hope you’ll join me in becoming a Utah Paw customer today!

Here’s a fun video of Utah Paw in the news:

Utah Paw on ABC4

And if you’re interested, here’s a video I share with my dog training customers about dog food. I want all the dogs we work with to be on a high quality food whether it’s Utah Paw or one of the other great dog foods out there. Check it out:

Dog Training Customer Video About Dog Food