Compare Your Dog's Current Food To Ours:

Go to and check how many stars your dog’s food has. The answer may surprise you!  

All the dog food brands say they are the healthiest! 

How can you tell the difference? 

You can’t! 

But Dog Food Advisor has done the hard work for you.

Here Is How Our Food Is Rated

I love that this website breaks down each ingredient and explains why it is either great for your dog or simply a byproduct that your dog will be pooping out.

Every ingredient in our Utah PawTM dog food serves an important purpose. In addition to chicken or lamb, we add these carefully selected ingredients for a complete, balanced diet:

  • High quality animal proteins like eggs, meat and fish
  • All Natural
  • NO Chemical Preservatives
  • NO Fillers
  • Low temp cooking process to preserve vitamins & minerals
  • Pre and Probiotics for healthy digestion, optimum nutrient absorption and immune function.
  • Fruits & Vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and a healthy source of fiber
  • Rice for energy
  • Oatmeal for its unique nutritional benefit
  • Beet pulp to furnish the highest level of nutritional fiber with the best balance of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Methionine and Lysine (essential amino acids)
  • Poultry fat, lecithin, vegetable and fish oil to condition the coat and for energy
  • Natural vitamins, including vitamin E for freshness
  • Fortified vitamins
  • Natural minerals
  • Natural tocopherols for freshness